At 18 I was consumed by self destroying tendencies encouraged by my environment. An overwhelming feeling stirred in my chest and took away my voice.

Dance was once my place to express, to go to when I needed a home. 

But it no longer felt safe, it felt like my home was burning down. 

I realised life is riddled with contrasts and a flame wouldn’t be appreciated without darkness surrounding it. 

At 20, I promised myself to build myself up again. 

I connected with people who saw, all of me and taught me healthy ways to live and succeed. 

Now, my trajectory is slower, sustainable and evolving.

All I want to do is dance and create. 

Each day I am grateful for dance for giving me a space to be all of me and help me translate my inner monologue to the world around me. 

Maeve Nolan. Professional dancer

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