Ever since I was five years old I have loved to dance and be in front of an audience.   

So in 2020, at 14 years old, I auditioned for a place at Performing Arts School. 

However, only a few months into my time there my parents noticed some changes in my back whilst on holiday and my dance teacher also noticed some asymmetry.   After a referral to a specialist I was diagnosed with scoliosis- an abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine. I was devastated.  

The diagnosis knocked my confidence and made me feel really scared about my future. My consultant said my spinal curve was severe and showing signs of progression.  I had no choice but to have surgery or my condition would just get worse.   

In April 2022 I had my spinal fusion surgery to straighten my spine.  I spent six hours in surgery and came out with two metal rods and over twenty screws to keep my spine straight.  

The hardest part of this journey was the fear that I may not dance again. This plummeted me into depression.  However, I wasn’t going to let scoliosis stop me and in a matter of months I was back to light dance and nearly a year on I am now dancing full time again.    It’s not been easy and I still experience pain and set backs but I hope to inspire others who are facing scoliosis surgery that you can overcome this hurdle and to keep fighting for your dreams. 

This quote really helped me during my recovery: 

“Some roses grow with crooked stems but that doesn’t change their beauty.”


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