Pregnancy’s a bitch

Everyone is aware of the herculean task of being a mom, let alone a working mom. But what we don’t often talk about is how this journey begins long before baby is born. 

While the miracle of creating a child is undeniable and truly awesome, it is also just plain hard. Many pregnancies begin with debilitating morning sickness. This is also the part during which you are most likely suffering in silence, as one often does not announce pregnancy too broadly for fear of miscarrying- something that happens more often than most realize and that also must be endured alone and without acknowledgement. Those lucky enough to make it through the first trimester will go on to a second and third trimester which involves heaviness, exhaustion, and is riddled with a myriad of other ailments. And this is just the physical part. 

During all of this, you are expected to go about your daily routine and perform in the workplace while ensuring you care for the precious cargo growing inside of you.

Being pregnant and having a child is a blessing that no woman should take for granted. But neither should we forget the heroic act that is pregnancy. To all expecting mothers, my hat’s off to you. Pregnancy’s a bitch. 

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