He left no money,

It was a cold and dark winter's day,

He called me honey,

Then he left me with his child,

Left me with his child.
We were so young,

Then hitting the bottle he couldn't, wouldn't stop,

Never screamed, so I held my tongue,

He been gone once before,

And he'll be back again for more,

He's, my man,

Play with fire,

There's no other lover no

There's no other lover no


He left no money,

We were so young.

The past years I have played over a hundred shows, from small local grassroot pubs to big capacity venues like Shepherd’s Bush Empire and festivals like Glastonbury and Meltdown, where I was personally booked to perform by The Cure ́s frontman Robert Smith.

My father left when I was seven and one of the items I kept was his guitar which would become my second voice over the years, but also kept my father as a recurring figure in my songs, joined by other people that I had met during the last years.

In my music, I re-enact relationships, especially when I am on stage. 

It is a form of communication for when words alone fail - while I have often felt that trauma is preventing me from being heard when I am talking, 

I resort to writing intimate and honest songs as a compensation.

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