I can't remember when I started singing… it feels like I always have been. I sang every Sunday at church, had singing lessons and sung in a choir in secondary school, and growing up I sang (and still do sing) around the house with my sister. I grew to love how the texture, tone, pitch and volume as well as the words of a song could communicate thoughts, moods and feelings. 

But there was also something special about a worship session in church… it wasn’t just about the quality of singing but the heart behind the words sung. So leading worship meant you had to guide others to place where they could freely express their thoughts and appreciation to God through song - it felt like fulfilling service. This was my introduction to ministering through song.  

I began sung ministry at age 8, leading the children choir at church and unknown to me, this began for a trend for my later years in life. I lead the worship in my church in my teenage years, lead my church youth choir at 18, and then at university, helped set-up and lead a Gospel choir and was the Music coordinator and a lead singer in the Christian Union society.

I don’t call myself minister now, by looking by the definition on the word ministry (learning of and attending to others' needs) I realise I am still ministering till this day. 

Presently, in working as ensemble singer in cast of The Lion King UK Tour, I have the grace to use my voice every day to tell a beautiful and inspiring story of love, purpose and overcoming fears, giving those who come and watch the power and encouragement to tackle the challenges they face in their life and to believe in themselves. 

Despite gospel music being my first genre preference, I have come to appreciate songs of all genres, as long as they uplift, heal or/and encourage the listeners to know or/and be better.

God has taught me (and through life I have seen that) anything powerful must be used responsibility, so it can produce life instead of intoxicate and miseducate. With something so powerful as music, something that has lifted me from dark places when alone in my room, I’ve learnt that singing is a superpower that I will always use to serving someone’s need, whether that be to give encouragement, spread truth or bring joy. My voice doesn’t have to just be a sweet melody to the ear, it can bring life to the listener.

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