My name is Pauline Brown and I suffer from a rare condition Dercums Disease with Lipoedema, which took 5yrs to diagnose.

Dercums is a very painful condition consisting of abnormal fatty lypomas. There is no cure or effective pain treatment for myself, nor is there any research in the UK.

The only option I have left is Rehabilitative liposuction of which I need on abdomen, anterior/ posterior thighs, buttocks, flanks and lower back. 

To look at me you wouldn't guess anything was wrong but each day I am in constant pain and every footstep I take I am in pain. I put on a brave face daily because I am the sole carer of a 12yr old. 


In 2014 I had over 200 of these things, and was told i need to find a Dercums specialist asap. My reply at the time 'There isn't one', and that was that. It's now 2020. 

I also have abnormal lypomas on brain and in my neck which is a rarer thing still for a Dercums sufferer. If they get into my heart or lungs then it's fatal for me. 

I have always had a positive mindset but need assistance now as things are getting much worse and there is no cure.>>>

I was promised help by NHS plastic surgeon last year then 10 mths later told I do not qualify for help, which left me extremely distressed. I have recently been given a name of a Plastic surgeon here in the UK and they are willing to help me but it's a private hospital. This came about by putting out an SOS on Twitter. 

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